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It’s been a week since we’ve officially launched our Affiliate Program, and the requests keep on coming in so thank you! We’ve gotten a few questions about the program and what is required to “become” an affiliate. The answer: absolutely nothing. Anyone can be an affiliate and start making money quicker than you can imagine. The beauty of being an affiliate is that you are promoting something you already (we hope?) love and trust and you know your friends/family/followers will too. Here’s the breakdown...
Affiliate Perks: 
  • Receive a $45 gift card from our store upon joining
  • 1 FREE photoshoot once you become an affiliate.
  • Make extra cash by spreading the word! Refer a friend to become an affiliate and receive $25 once they make their first sale. Receive an additional $100 bonus on your 5 referral once they make their first sale.
  • Exclusive access to VIP events, meet local business owners, network with local bloggers, award ceremony, freebies and much more. 
  • Exclusive community Facebook group where you can constantly network with influencers and like-minded people in the area 
  • Get 50% off on the bouquets anytime for your professional photoshoots. Conditions applied. 
  • 10% commission on every order placed using your code.
  • Become a VIA (Very Important Affiliate) and get a 5% commission raise upon increasing your sales by twenty percent and maintaining the sales for a minimum of 5 months.  
  • Easily receive your payout every two weeks via Paypal
Some tips on how to spread the word:
  • Include your affiliate link and code to your Instagram Bio
  • Text friends, family, co-workers and anyone you think would love a fresh bouquet
  • Create an Instagram post, story or live video showing off your flowers
  • Write a blog post with tons of information on Farida flowers. 

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