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A new way of sending flowers - in a decorative Parisian style hatbox instead of traditional glass vase. Water source is provided and almost no maintenance needed. Beautiful, presentable, and unique. 

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Hand-held bouquet "dressed" in beautiful waterproof decorative paper and tissue paper. Easy maintenance and instructions are provided for the recipients. Modern, fun and has the "WOW" factor. 

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Infinity Roses

Real Ecuadorian roses that last 6 months to a year. Comes in many different colors and designs. We will have these for a very limited time only. Get yours now! 

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Princess Diary
Regular price $62.00
Princess Diary is designed to be dreamy, magical and soft. Most of our customers order this bouquet for congratulations, birthdays, thank you, and get well soon.
You can't go wrong with this arrangement, we've heard so much positive feedback from our customers and recipients about this bouquet. It's very affordable too! Another great option for you: CLICK HERE
PS: If you checkout before the timer goes off, you can get 10% off!

How do I order?

 To order, select a style(box or wrap), choose a bouquet that fits your budget, and leave the designing process completely to us!  We will design a unique bouquet using a selection of the freshest variety of high-end seasonal flowers. 

Tell us your likes or dislikes at checkout in the section that says “Note to My Designer.”  

For example: “no hot pink, it’s a sympathy bouquet.”  

We will then take that information and customize the color scheme of your bouquet to fit your special occasion. If you don't have any preference, we will design a fresh colorful bouquet that looks the closest to the one you ordered. 

What is a FlowerBox ?

We arrange our flowers in a modern Parisian inspired decorative container rather than the traditional glass vase. It has a better presentation, the container itself is a beautiful edition to the overall design. The arrangement can be placed on any stable surface for easy, minimal maintenance. Flower care instruction and water source is provided.

What is a FlowerWrap?

It is a hand-tied bouquet dressed in beautiful water-proof decorative paper and ribbon.

We select a colorful variety of flowers and hand-tied them into a semi round shape. And the final step is to wrap them and polish them into a sophisticated hand-held bouquet which you can present to your loved ones. Flower care card is also provided.

When should I expect to receive my order?

-If you order ahead, please expect to receive your order from 8 am to the latest 2 pm. We do not guarantee a time frame for same day orders, but we always do our best to process and deliver as fast as possible. While, we do accomodate same day orders, please do try to place your order for next day, so preferably 1 day ahead. 

- Pickups are always available any day from Monday to Saturday during our regular hours. 

-Please also check HERE for detailed information about our delivery range.

What happens if the recipient isn’t home?

We will reach out to the recipient and ask for their instructions. Most of the times we leave it at the porch, front desk or anywhere else they desire. You will be notified with the details as well. So please be sure to provide the direct phone number for the recipient and yourself for a smooth delivery process.


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Easy, fast and affordable considering the product! I called from Los Angeles for a delivery in DC and was very happy with how Farida Floral handled all of my specific needs with my arrangement and the delivery instructions since I am not from the area.

Clarina K

I'm very picky about my floral arrangements. I started following them on Instagram having moved to this area recently, liking their style and thinking of trying them in the future. I ordered one of their fall arrangements for a birthday party the other day and boy did it look just as gorgeous as their pics! Also their customer service is what really made me happy. They were communicating with me throughout the week making sure they were making the type of arrangement I wanted and delivered it in such a great manner. I appreciate this type of service. Keep up the good work!

Furry M

I simply treasure my rare special finds on Yelp, like THIS business! I needed to order flowers for someone important and I really wanted them to be special. Luckily, I found Farida Floral on Yelp. I placed my order past midnight and the arrangement was delivered the following afternoon. The florist sent me a photo of the arrangement when they were en route to my recipient and that kind of service was simply outstanding! Back home in NY, I'd order flowers for loved ones and have no clue how they look so this type of service exceeded my expectations and made me so happy. I really appreciated it. Great service, very reasonable prices and amazing product. I cannot wait to order again!

Peggy O