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Flowers as Gift Giving 
With such a rich history, flowers are a great gift because of their beautiful colors, fragrances, and arrangements and can evoke such a wide range of emotions in someone. Flowers can boost a recipient’s mood and make their day, or they can make someone cry out of happiness and joy. Each flower has a different symbolic meaning and is gifted for every occasion throughout the lifespan from congratulating a mother for giving birth through funerals and memorial services. 
Because of their symbolic meanings, flowers are much more than an everyday gift. If your recipient isn’t sure of the meaning associated with the flower, feel free to share why you selected that specific one. For example, while we typically think of roses as a symbol of romance, lilacs symbolize first love and pink flowers express gratitude. 
A flower can make someone feel beautiful or special or even deepen a human connection. With Summer in full swing, we here at Farida Floral can think of a bunch of reasons why flowers make the best gift. Here are our top 5 gift giving ideas for the Summer….
1. Going to a gender reveal party or baby shower?  Then you want to pick a floral arrangement like My Garden. This arrangement is so magical, dreamy and soft.  It can be customized with pink or blue flowers. Or we can even mix pinks and blues together. 
  1. Meeting your significant other’s family or have something very important coming up?  Oh My Orchid! Which are beautiful pink and white Orchids arranged in our decorative hatbox make a one of a kind gift for an incredible value. It's mature, classy and luxurious for on only $79. 
  1. Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of life’s miracles.  Any new mom will love and appreciate the Just Right Flower Bouquet: This bouquet is arranged with 16 to 18 stems of fresh and colorful mixture of flowers. We create the bouquet and select the flowers based on seasonal availability and freshness.  It'll be decorated with our waterproof paper wrap, tissue paper and ribbon and customized to your satisfaction.
  1. Celebrating an anniversary or love in general is one of the top reasons for gifting flowers. They can make someone feel so loved and reflect all the special moments you’ve shared. The Four Dozen Love- Flower Wrap is a perfect combination of four dozen assorted Ecuadorian roses.
  1. And the best reason of all, “ just because”. Want to show your appreciation for someone or simply tell them how much they mean to you?  Joyful Day will make anyone’s day. This bouquet is arranged with 20 to 22 stems of fresh and colorful mixture of flowers with hints of red.  We can customize this based on freshness and what you envision in recyclable and reusable decorative hatbox with some beautiful matching ribbon and tissue paper.  

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