Fairfax Flower Business Farida Floral Launches Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program, 
If you follow us on social media or receive email updates from us, you’ve probably already heard about our new  “Affiliate Program ” .You can refer your friends to us which you’re probably already have been doing, but now you can start earning 10% commission off of every order referred by you. You can track and collect your commision automatically in one platform. So how does this actually work? The process is very simple. Go to our website , click on  "Become an Affiliate"   and fill out the form. You will notice a box for “your unique code”, there you can create a code that’s unique to you, for example “EMILY10”, text all your contacts your code, spread the word on your social media, your friends will receive a 10% discount using your code, and YOU will receive a 10% commision off their order. Everyone wins, cool right?  
We have some more details coming soon about our program. We’re working on some amazing perks for our affiliates like exclusive VIP events, yearly freebies, unlimited discounts, private Facebook community group invitation, free photoshoots and so much more. We will help you get the most out of this program by providing tips and tricks on how you can spread the word and get more people to use your code. If all of this interest you, go signup now and start enjoying your commision. 

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