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Handmade Paper Flower Backdrop

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Paper flower backdrops are my personal favorites, anyone can make a silk flower backdrop, but paper flowers are more artistic and unique. It also requires a lot of time and patience to make. Everything started with my friend Mavluda's bridal shower.

As a bridesmaid, I wanted to do something memorable and special for her as a wedding gift. She had everything organized and ready to go for the bridal shower but one thing was missing. A beautiful background for all the ladies to go crazy about for photos. You know how ladies are, we love taking photos, I have thousands of selfies in my camera roll. With a colorful backdrop, it'll totally elevate the selfie game. It was a Saturday, I couldn't hold my excitement after coming up with this idea, so I started the production process right away. First I prepared two, 9ft tall and 4ft wide boards and got my colored papers ready. I found a spot to sit down and started cutting out the petals one by one and glued them together to make each layer, then stacked the layers and glued them together to complete the flower. After a long day of hard work, I had only made 9 flowers...! At that point, my fingers were numb and burnt so many times by the burn glue aka glue gun. Anyways, looking at the beautiful flowers I had just created it made everything worth it. I kept going for days and most nights until 3am, 4am, finally, after cutting out thousands of petals and making hundreds of flowers, the most perfect and sophisticated flower backdrop on the planet earth was created!

 Everyone at the bridal shower LOVED it and it became the hottest trend on my social media and amongst my friends. I started getting direct messages on Instagram requesting to rent these babies. As much as I love keeping them by my side and enjoy them all day, I decided to add these beautiful pieces of art to our collection and share it with you guys. I got the approval from Ms.Farida and taadaa, they are now available for you to rent!

We now specialize in custom designing, tell us the measurement of the space you'd like to decorate and the major color, we will make the magic happen!  Email us at or direct message us on social media to ask for the details.



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