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Choosing the Right Flowers for Your Wedding

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I wanted to write this blog for my future brides to help you ladies get through the ordering flower process with less pain and more fun. After speaking with many brides, I have realized that ordering flowers are the most tricky and tiring part because there's just so much going on, choosing the right color, the right size, the right vase, oh god, it goes on and on, everything has to be perfect and on point because every element matters. Which is why many brides are already frustrated when they come to the florist, and that's not going to help at all! Which is why I decided to write thid blog to avoid all the frustration for both the bride and the florist. If you are or you think you're going to be that bride, this blog is perfect for you! These are the 3 critical things that will help you have a pleasant experience when it comes to ordering flowers for your wedding. Keep reading!

1.Know Your Style:

Before you come to the florist, sit down with your laptop and go on Pinterest to get a feel of what style of bouquet and centerpiece you love the most. Going to the florist without having any idea of what type of flowers you like will make the consultation a little less fun. If you have a general idea of what you like already, it'll help your florist a lot with getting to know you better and making the bouquet more personable to you. Knowing your style will definitely help you communicate with your florist better and will get you the perfect bouquet that you've been dreaming about.

2.Set A Budget:

When it comes to pricing, it is actually not as tricky as you think. The more you invest, the more flowers you get the larger the arrangments will be. There really isn't a set price for the bouquets or for the centerpieces. The price entirely depends on what type of flowers you choose and how large you want your arrangments to be. Some florists do have packages for you to choose from, for a set price they will provide multiple services, but I don't find that very helpful because every bride has a different budget and different needs. Customizing the arrangements according to the budget is the way to go to get the best result. Bridal bouquets normally start from $75-80 dollars. At Farida Floral, it starts from $65 dollars and goes up to $400. If you have an idea of approximately how much you're able to invest on the bouquets and the centerpieces, it'll help your florist to determine how many flowers to include and what type of flowers to use. 

3. Relax Lady!

Communication is the key! It is very important to take your time and tell your florist what's on your mind, only then he or she will be able to provide you the best service possible and help you design the perfect arrangments. Tell her your budget, tell her your color scheme, negotiate when needed instead of walking away. If you get too anxious or rush too much to get this done, it'll create misunderstandings and make the process frustrating for both sides. Try not to jump from one thing to another, go step by step, start with your own bouquet(cuz yo da most important lady wink wink), then go to your bridesmaid bouquet, then boutonniere, centerpieces etc... If you take your time, your florist will definitely go through everything with you in detail step by step. Just like you, your florist wants everything to be perfect and beautiful as well. 

At the end, girl, it is your time to shine and relax and enjoy!!! It is the most important event of your life, don't get caught up with planning, and forget about having fun and enjoying your big moment! 

At Farida, we offer free consultations and free site visits. Our designer will sit down with you and go over every important details step by step. Make an appointment today by emailing You can also email us to ask any questions or concerns you have, we are here to help!

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  • Scott: September 07, 2017

    I like that you suggested looking at Pintrest to see what style would fit you the best way. I have been planning a wedding, and I wasn’t sure what to do for flowers. I can see how it would be nice to make sure you look online first, so you don’t end up choosing something you haven’t seen before.

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